Together with our clients we developed the most versatile medical measurement platform to date.

Discover it for yourself:


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DABO combines brain, muscle and heart measurements in one system. From basic functionalities to expert analysis, we offer a wide range of ExG applications.

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Gait analysis

Together with our university partner we are proud to offer a validated gait analysis module. Mobile, fast to use and easy to interpret, it quantifies walking patterns for different patient categories.

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Why use paper and pencil anymore if you can have digital questionnaires? DABO combines questionnaires outcomes with other measurements in one clear report. 

From CE-certified measurements to fully validated analysis


DABO Delta is a CE certified medical device. Every analysis we offer is technically validated: we develop and test every detail. We do all this in a structured way, and that's why we received the ISO 13485 label in 2016.



  Always prepared


DABO's unique guarantee program includes 36 hours free replacement in case of malfunction and monthly software updates. Via the DABO Delta system you can directly contact the DABO Helpdesk and ask your questions or leave your comments. We are always keen on receiving customer feedback on our system, so we can improve functionalities and learn about requirements for future modules.



Our manual

We know that nobody wants to read a manual. However, we are ISO certified and need to provide a structured manual as part of our quality management processes. That's why we have written the user manual as clear as possible, with lots of graphics and explanations about the how and why of available functions. 

We are currently working on short animations embedded in our DABO user interface, so you can see the why and how of a function by just clicking on it. 

User Experience Course

We offer a one-day user experience course for new clients. This course is part of the basic DABO Delta module, since we think it is important that every client can use DABO to its fullest potential. Ideally the course is given on the client's location, so the use of DABO is optimized for the existing clinical processes.

Advanced Course

Operating DABO is one thing, making sense of measurement outcomes is another thing. Correct interpretation of measurement results is of upmost importance for giving advice to patients. We therefore offer advanced courses for physicians and therapists that have been working with our system. These courses are offered at our headquarters in Munich, but can also be arranged as workshop on location.