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Why choose DABO®?

DABO® produces a visual representation of the brain state and compares it with data from relevant clinical studies. DABO® then provides doctors with a status report, which they can review and revise as necessary. With DABO® we have brought together the latest findings in brain research, developing a medical device to give psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and neurologists a more precise look at their patients’ brains. DABO® not only facilitates the diagnostics process but also speeds up the therapy and course of treatment.

A New Look Into the Brain

The evaluation software of DABO® analyzes the patient’s brain state together with his or her behavior to deliver an objective diagnosis. DABO® translates the outgoing signals of the brain into visual representations, known as brain maps. Color-coded to depict each region of the brain according to its activity, these brain maps are an ideal, easy-to-interpret alternative to the commonly used graphs of waveforms.

Seeing the whole picture with DABO®

Red regions
represent the beta and gamma brain- waves, which are responsible for the alert and aroused brain state.
Yellow regions
portray alpha brainwaves, which denote the brain in an idle state.
Blue regions
depict delta and theta brain- waves, which indicate minimal brain activity.

Lifting the Fog

Up until now, the doctors had to rely on the relatively subjective statements of their patients – “how do you feel?” is the principal question in a standard questionnaire. DABO® gives the possibility of shedding light on the matter, presenting an objective overview of the brain’s actual state. With the help of the constantly growing database of comparative findings, as well as thousands of clinical studies, DABO® seeks to provide an accurate evaluation of the patient in question. By showing that the brain is an organ that is also susceptible to illness, it helps to create a certain distance between the patients and their conditions, diminishing their suffering and allowing for a more clear understanding of what ails them.

Clarity at last. For therapists and patients alike.

DABO® equals ongoing development

All DABO® data are standardized, allowing for easy comparison and continuous growth of the database. None of the patients’ personal details are kept in the records, with the exception of gender and age. Due to the number of findings and quantitative results, the margin of error is constantly getting smaller and smaller, thus making the overall system all the more accurate over time. Depicting the results of more than a thousand medical studies as algorithms, DABO® uses biomarkers to determine how the measured outcome corresponds to the applicable research data.

Brain research, database and practice

The measurement of electrical brain activity has long since been introduced to science. Topographic brain mapping and quantitative representations of different brain states are a widely used method of analysis. However, the central goal lies in accurately correlating brain mapping to the various mental disorders, thus also determining what the mental illness looks like visually. DABO® combines the relevant findings from clinical research in this area and puts them into practice. As a measurement and analysis system, DABO® assists doctors in their decision-making, and is intended for daily interactions with patients.

Safe, simple, and sure

Doctors to learn even more

The DABO® evaluation software integrates all relevant findings in the field of electrophysiological brain research. Continuous supplementation of the latest data by our scientists and its subsequent conversion into algorithms by our programmers allow DABO® to process the necessary information accordingly. The abstracts of the studies together with the complete papers are available to each user, thus providing a well of knowledge, which doctors and patients alike can tap into whenever it’s necessary.


To measure the brain activity, DABO® implements the tried and tested method of electroencephalography, which offers the perfect combination of value, cost and practical application. The data can be easily collected in-house; no laboratory required. An easy-to-understand interface guides the user through each step of the measurement process, which lasts no longer than 20 minutes.


Psychiatric diagnosis is based on the patient’s medical history. However, the brain maps, color-coded according to the brain’s activity, together with the biomarkers, provide additional insights both into the illness and the state of the patient’s brain. Thus, doctors are able to make a more precise diagnosis, faster than ever.


With DABO® the effects of the treatment or medication can be visible even before the patient can feel them. The measurement of the brain activity can quickly determine whether the medication is working as intended, in some cases already after a few hours. Thus, DABO® enables the doctors to evaluate the effects of the administered medication.


Keeping records of the course of treatments and their success is of vital importance for hospitals, doctors, and therapists. Patients also may be keen to know if and how their condition is improving. DABO® provides doctors with standard PDF reports, containing medical history, diagnosis, therapy, and treatment plan. Patients can see all changes on images of their own brain.

Illness seen anew


The effectiveness of medication is indicated through the measurement of the brain activity. The alterations in the brain states can be already detected within a few hours, even before the patient feels an improvement.


Prior to treatment            After 2 wk. of treatment          After 8 wk. of treatment

Anxiety Disorders

The symptoms of depression and those of anxiety disorders can be very similar. The visual representations of the brain activity enable to identify the differences. The images below are an example of the course of treatment.


Prior to treatment            After 2 wk. of treatment          After 8 wk. of treatment


The measurement of the brain activity can confirm the diagnosis and indicate the effects of methylphenidate, helping to regulate the dosage. The images below depict the effects of medication before administration, one and two hours later.


Prior to treatment              1 hr. after administration            2 hr. after administration


With brain mapping, autism can be diagnosed in a child as young as 18 months old, with 70% to 90% accuracy. Images below show the brain in a resting state, when performing a hand gesture, and when observing the same gesture.


Resting state, eyes closed     When performing a hand gesture   When observing a hand gesture


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